Jeju Island

Jeju Island, an island located off the shore of South Korea, and is recently named as one of the world natural wonder. Jeju island is a volcanic island with most of the architectural made up of stones. Although I didnt have the chance to visit Jeju Island, this island is the next one I really wanted to visit! Many idol singers, advertisements, commercial promoting this place. From pictures I see online, it looks like a place where I can relief my stress, and have a stroll on the peaceful scenery. I would say it is a MUST VISIT!


– Keith





The Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine (明治神宮 Meiji Jingū) is located in the heart of modern Tokyo, Shibuya. It is a Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. The shrine, sheltered by a 700,000 square-meter forest of 120,000 evergreen trees, donated from all parts of Japan when it was established, was completed and dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and the Empress Shoken in 1920, eight years after the passing of the emperor and six years after the passing of the empress. The shrine was destroyed during the Second World War but was rebuilt shortly thereafter.


meiji2 Colourful barrels of sake or rice wine on display


The shrine consists of two large areas: the Inner Garden, with the main shrine buildings; and the Outer Garden, with sports arenas and the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery. The shrine grounds are entered through two of Japan’s largest torii (shrine gates), made of beautiful cypress wood more than 1,700 years old.

It was great to see all the different people who go there for tourism, leisure and ceremonies. Head for the central shrine of Meiji Jingu as this is where people gather. On Sundays you would be able to see many couples getting married. We were there for about 20 Minutes and witnessed 3 weddings in that time alone. The best thing is that admission is free! However, you have to pay 500 yen to be admitted into the Inner Garden. Check out the admission price and timings here:

meiji1 A ceremony held inside Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shine is the most famous shine in Japan and is relatively related to the Japanese’s normal life as there are many wedding graduations and mitzvahs there. Last but not least, the shine is also a place that people can pin their aspirations on the walls there.

meiji Priests making their way to the Meiji Shrine

It is great for walking with plenty of shady areas. BUT, be warned, there are no drinks available in the park, so go prepared and bring enough drinks during the time you are there.

– Liu Mu





The Secrets Of Nature

Guangxi which locates in the south of China is one of the most beautiful nature sights in China. Guangxi is famous as the nature sights and a simple folkway. It attracts so many visitors to spend their vocation. It is really a wonder place to spend your holiday. It is serene and offers an amazingly beautiful view. Moreover, the people are very friendly and full of enthusiasm. Here are some pictures and videos to introduce Guangxi sights for you.



Guangxi has so many beautiful places.


First one is Lijiang


Second is Xiang Ba Shan (the elephant nose)


Guangxi Lijiang is one of the most famous sights in the world. It has been the world intangible cultural heritage because his special natural sights and people habits. So go to visit Lijiang. You will find the amazing about nature.

– Frank




The Beauty Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hong Kong has 293 buildings taller than 500 feet which is sixty more as compared to New York City which came in second. What’s so good about Hong Kong? The food and scenery and what’s more is that it is the best city to live in! If you love scenic environments, you have to visit the Tian Tan Buddha. You will have to get there via Ngong Ping cable car. While on the way up there, you will see an amazing view of several mountains.


(A photo of me with the Buddha)


The Peak is Hong Kong’s highest point on the island. The view it offers makes The Peak one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. Looking down at the city from this famous vantage point provides the best view of the city. Do take note: Do not choose a day with hazy or unpredictable weather as you would not be able to see a single thing!

hk3 hk4


Tsim Sha Tsui is another one of the popular attractions in Hong Kong because of its Avenue of Stars as well as the vantage point to catch the Symphony of Lights show. Avenue of Stars have its popular commemorative plaques, celebrity handprints, descriptive milestones and a life-size statue of kung fu action hero Bruce Lee.


A Symphony of Lights is staged every night at 8pm. If you would like to know more details of the show, do visit this website Here is a video clip of the Symphony of Lights.


– Gavin



Locks of Love

When we hear about Seoul, our first thought will be about K-pop. Yes, that’s right, K-pop! For example, the song “Gangnam Style” that is sung by Psy has gone into trend since 2012.



Apart from trying to get a glimpse of our favourite k-pop idols, there are various things to do while in Seoul such as sight-seeing from the top of a tower! As such, let me introduce to you a place in Seoul which I would definitely visit again the next time I visit South Korea.


This spectacular place I’m about to mention is ….(drumroll) ….the N Seoul Tower! Why did I choose this place? Well, the N Seoul Tower marks the highest point in Seoul and upon elevating in it, it allows you to view the entire city scape which is simply stunning!



Out of all the things and food that Seoul had to offer, this was my favourite. Located at the base of the tower were tree-shaped structures loaded with different types of locks. I remembered that on the 1st day I visited this place, it puzzled me. I came up with the name “The Padlock Tree”. The padlocks are for couples to write their name or initials on it and the key of the padlock will be thrown away to symbolise their everlasting love. The actual name for it is Love Lock.




There were various kinds of locks such as bicycle padlocks, gate locks etc etc. It was heavily layered on the tree-shaped structures that it made me wonder if the tree could collapse under their weight.



Tourists and visitors have to actually ride a Namsan cable car to the mountain and walk to the tower. As N Seoul Tower is located on top of Mount Namsan, it offers great panoramic views of the entire city.

Bakeries and cafes are also available to visitors for snacks, drinks or even a light meal. Moreover, it offers an amazing scenic view through the built-in window.

What’s interesting about this tower is that in the Digital Observatory, which offers a 360 view of Seoul, each window panel is labelled with several cities and street names where one can look for a city facing the window through the telescopes. Even though it is not exactly possible to view the cities, for example, Tokyo, many people can be seen trying to look through the telescope.


What are your opinion and thoughts on Seoul when you first heard it, and why you would like to visit it? I would love to hear about it!

– Keith




The City Of Love

I grew up having heard lots of stories about the Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, France. Many movies and dramas that I’ve come across not only revolves around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but also its culture, cuisines and art. After coming across the history of Paris, I had an overwhelming desire to visit Paris to have a first-hand experience of the environment and the reasons to why it has been such a great tourist attraction to many.

Paris is mostly recognised for its diverse variety of delicacies such as cheese, chocolates, wine and seafood, and it is by far the most romantic place on earth. French is also known to be the language of love, probably because of the way most Italians pronounce their words. Even though I have never visited Paris, I can imagine how special my experience would be if I could spend a day at the Tower with my loved ones.

keith's foodskeith's foods 2       keith's foods 3


Standing at 301m tall, the Eiffel Tower, located in Champ de Mars, Paris, the capital city of France, was the tallest tower in the world till 1930 when the Chrysler Building in New York was established. It has been famous for many centuries as well as a symbolic icon for Paris. To date, the Tower is the tallest building in Paris and there has been at least 200 million visitors present ever since it was completed in 1889.

Did you know that tourists and visitors are also allowed to go up the tower? There are three levels for one to visit. You can either walk or take the lift to the first and second levels, each with 300 steps. The third level, however, is only accessible by lift. Out of these three levels, the third level, which is also the highest level, is where it offers the magnificent and panoramic view over Paris. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a glass of champagne, thereby concluding your visit with a festive moment.

keith's foods 4 keith's foods 5

Simple pleasures in life such as lying on the grass with your family or loved one is a blessing, and to be able to enjoy the immaculate view of the beauty that surrounds you is an additional bonus. If you were to visit France one day, Paris is a definite must-see attraction for visitors to visit and explore, and to soak in the sights and sounds of the city.

Where are your favourite places to visit while in Paris? Do let me know in the comments below!

– Keith




Welcome To Our Blog!

Greetings, fellow viewers!


Welcome to our blog that we have created! This blog is mainly for viewers who are interested to know more about tourist attractions around the world. Before starting on our first post, let me introduce to you my team members that will be posting here for the next few weeks. They are Keith, Liu Mu, Frank, Kerri and Gavin (me) 🙂

Do you ever feel that you have so many options to choose where to travel to that it is often mind-blogging? We all do, and travelling from time to time is a good getaway from work and a relieve from stress for both parents and children. Travelling may even be goal setting for some! If you are planning to travel for leisure purposes or for a family vacation and would like to get some ideas, stay tuned and look forward to our first attraction we are about to introduce to you. You might like it!