The Land Of Africa

South Africa is famous for their Safari’s life. I have not been there before, but I have plans to go there in the next few years time. When speaking of South Africa, what comes into your mind? Do you think that it is a very dangerous place and with no civilization? It is not necessarily what you think it is.  Have you heard of your friend’s experience who have been there before? I have friends who have been there and returned safe and sound. They also told me about their wonderful experiences! South Africa is also the most developed country in Africa.


Kruger National Park is South Africa highest rated park. This is the park then I am looking forward to. As there are many tours to choose from 2 days to 5 days and if you are can choose a budget tour which is much cheaper. Some tours also let you experience staying in a tent. There will be guides leading you game drivers and the bush walks as well. In those tour you would have the chance to spot the Big Five. Big Five refers to five of Africa’s greatest wild animals the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino.

After this review have I change your mind of what you think of South Africa?






Welcome To Our Blog!

Greetings, fellow viewers!


Welcome to our blog that we have created! This blog is mainly for viewers who are interested to know more about tourist attractions around the world. Before starting on our first post, let me introduce to you my team members that will be posting here for the next few weeks. They are Keith, Liu Mu, Frank, Kerri and Gavin (me) 🙂

Do you ever feel that you have so many options to choose where to travel to that it is often mind-blogging? We all do, and travelling from time to time is a good getaway from work and a relieve from stress for both parents and children. Travelling may even be goal setting for some! If you are planning to travel for leisure purposes or for a family vacation and would like to get some ideas, stay tuned and look forward to our first attraction we are about to introduce to you. You might like it!