Jeju Island

Jeju Island, an island located off the shore of South Korea, and is recently named as one of the world natural wonder. Jeju island is a volcanic island with most of the architectural made up of stones. Although I didnt have the chance to visit Jeju Island, this island is the next one I really wanted to visit! Many idol singers, advertisements, commercial promoting this place. From pictures I see online, it looks like a place where I can relief my stress, and have a stroll on the peaceful scenery. I would say it is a MUST VISIT!


– Keith





Dong Dae Mun Market

Who doesn’t love shopping? I certainly do.

Dong Dae Mun market is a place that attracts many shoppers especially fashion fanatics. Dong Dae Mun market, which is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, is not just a small building, but an estate.  Dong Dae Mun market is the largest wholesale and retail shopping district and showcases a variety of things for us to shop.

I remembered my friend who went crazy over a Korean shop where he bought a lot of caps, approximately 15 if I’m not mistaken, each of different colors and designs. He spent only about SGD 50 on snapbacks as it is cheaper if you buy them in bulk.  They are basically wholesalers. However, not all of the shops there are wholesale, mostly are located in Section 2(on the map).


Oh! I forget to mention that the shopping malls there opened from 10am to 5am the next morning, awesome right ? I know it totally is. There are also many events going on around the malls everyday at around 7-8pm KST(Korean Standard Time). There are also many money exchangers around thus not needing to bring extra won with you.

Basically the whole Dong Dae Mun market is a must visit and must buy area.

Dong Dae Mun market can be reached very easily just take the subway! Look for Dong Dae Mun station and take that line. If I didn’t remember wrongly I took line 4.

Do leave your comment below on what are the stuffs you’ll definitely buy when you’re there ?
I’ve bought a handful of items, 2 caps, 5 t-shirts, 4 rings, 1 necklace, 2 pants and 3 pair of shoes. Although they’re not branded but they’re of nice quality and it’s comfortable to wear.
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– Keith


Fun In Seoul

When I asked my parents for their permission to go overseas to Seoul, South Korea, with my friends, they agreed without asking more questions. At that moment, all I could think of was what I should do, where I should go and what I should buy in Seoul.

Remembering how much fun we had while in Seoul years ago, this place definitely defines a whole new level of fun! Imagine an outdoor and indoor theme park that held the guinness world record for being the largest indoor theme park. Incredible, right? This is Lotte World (롯데월드) located in 40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songpa Gu, Seoul, South Korea, a South Korean version of Disneyland

It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, different types of parades and much more.

lotte  lotte1

One of the many reasons why visitors are attracted to Lotte World is because of its amusements rides, especially the Gyro Drop! Even though I have never sat on it, it not only looks thrilling but scary as well because of its steep drop of about 70 metres. Lotte World is in fact one of the greatest theme park In Asia. It was opened in 12 July 1989 with over 8 million visitors every year.


(The Gyro Drop! Yeap those are people up there. Scary but tempting at the same time.)
There are uncountable rides in Lotte World, many of which I have never rode on or even seen it before. However, despite the many other rides that I enjoyed, there are 2 rides which were definitely unforgettable.


1. The Aeronaut Balloon

The ride goes at a slow speed because it is more focused towards kids who are 6 years old and below. However, there is no age limit and even couples are allowed to take the ride. This ride takes you around the circumference of the indoor section of the park. Due to its slow speed, visitors are able to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the entire indoor theme park and have an overview of the rides that was shown on the theme park map.



2. The Giant Loop

This ride surely makes you go woahhhhhh~! The Roller Coaster goes through a 360 degrees loop and stops at the peak of the loop hanging everyone upside down. The experience was simply awesome because the thrill it gives is too extreme and nothing like what a normal roller coaster ride offers. Imagine doing a handstand for 30 seconds, but at a higher height and being unable to touch the ground for a long period of time.


It may look small from here, but it is no doubt a huge loop!

– Keith




Locks of Love

When we hear about Seoul, our first thought will be about K-pop. Yes, that’s right, K-pop! For example, the song “Gangnam Style” that is sung by Psy has gone into trend since 2012.



Apart from trying to get a glimpse of our favourite k-pop idols, there are various things to do while in Seoul such as sight-seeing from the top of a tower! As such, let me introduce to you a place in Seoul which I would definitely visit again the next time I visit South Korea.


This spectacular place I’m about to mention is ….(drumroll) ….the N Seoul Tower! Why did I choose this place? Well, the N Seoul Tower marks the highest point in Seoul and upon elevating in it, it allows you to view the entire city scape which is simply stunning!



Out of all the things and food that Seoul had to offer, this was my favourite. Located at the base of the tower were tree-shaped structures loaded with different types of locks. I remembered that on the 1st day I visited this place, it puzzled me. I came up with the name “The Padlock Tree”. The padlocks are for couples to write their name or initials on it and the key of the padlock will be thrown away to symbolise their everlasting love. The actual name for it is Love Lock.




There were various kinds of locks such as bicycle padlocks, gate locks etc etc. It was heavily layered on the tree-shaped structures that it made me wonder if the tree could collapse under their weight.



Tourists and visitors have to actually ride a Namsan cable car to the mountain and walk to the tower. As N Seoul Tower is located on top of Mount Namsan, it offers great panoramic views of the entire city.

Bakeries and cafes are also available to visitors for snacks, drinks or even a light meal. Moreover, it offers an amazing scenic view through the built-in window.

What’s interesting about this tower is that in the Digital Observatory, which offers a 360 view of Seoul, each window panel is labelled with several cities and street names where one can look for a city facing the window through the telescopes. Even though it is not exactly possible to view the cities, for example, Tokyo, many people can be seen trying to look through the telescope.


What are your opinion and thoughts on Seoul when you first heard it, and why you would like to visit it? I would love to hear about it!

– Keith




The City Of Love

I grew up having heard lots of stories about the Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, France. Many movies and dramas that I’ve come across not only revolves around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but also its culture, cuisines and art. After coming across the history of Paris, I had an overwhelming desire to visit Paris to have a first-hand experience of the environment and the reasons to why it has been such a great tourist attraction to many.

Paris is mostly recognised for its diverse variety of delicacies such as cheese, chocolates, wine and seafood, and it is by far the most romantic place on earth. French is also known to be the language of love, probably because of the way most Italians pronounce their words. Even though I have never visited Paris, I can imagine how special my experience would be if I could spend a day at the Tower with my loved ones.

keith's foodskeith's foods 2       keith's foods 3


Standing at 301m tall, the Eiffel Tower, located in Champ de Mars, Paris, the capital city of France, was the tallest tower in the world till 1930 when the Chrysler Building in New York was established. It has been famous for many centuries as well as a symbolic icon for Paris. To date, the Tower is the tallest building in Paris and there has been at least 200 million visitors present ever since it was completed in 1889.

Did you know that tourists and visitors are also allowed to go up the tower? There are three levels for one to visit. You can either walk or take the lift to the first and second levels, each with 300 steps. The third level, however, is only accessible by lift. Out of these three levels, the third level, which is also the highest level, is where it offers the magnificent and panoramic view over Paris. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a glass of champagne, thereby concluding your visit with a festive moment.

keith's foods 4 keith's foods 5

Simple pleasures in life such as lying on the grass with your family or loved one is a blessing, and to be able to enjoy the immaculate view of the beauty that surrounds you is an additional bonus. If you were to visit France one day, Paris is a definite must-see attraction for visitors to visit and explore, and to soak in the sights and sounds of the city.

Where are your favourite places to visit while in Paris? Do let me know in the comments below!

– Keith