The City Of Love

I grew up having heard lots of stories about the Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, France. Many movies and dramas that I’ve come across not only revolves around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but also its culture, cuisines and art. After coming across the history of Paris, I had an overwhelming desire to visit Paris to have a first-hand experience of the environment and the reasons to why it has been such a great tourist attraction to many.

Paris is mostly recognised for its diverse variety of delicacies such as cheese, chocolates, wine and seafood, and it is by far the most romantic place on earth. French is also known to be the language of love, probably because of the way most Italians pronounce their words. Even though I have never visited Paris, I can imagine how special my experience would be if I could spend a day at the Tower with my loved ones.

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Standing at 301m tall, the Eiffel Tower, located in Champ de Mars, Paris, the capital city of France, was the tallest tower in the world till 1930 when the Chrysler Building in New York was established. It has been famous for many centuries as well as a symbolic icon for Paris. To date, the Tower is the tallest building in Paris and there has been at least 200 million visitors present ever since it was completed in 1889.

Did you know that tourists and visitors are also allowed to go up the tower? There are three levels for one to visit. You can either walk or take the lift to the first and second levels, each with 300 steps. The third level, however, is only accessible by lift. Out of these three levels, the third level, which is also the highest level, is where it offers the magnificent and panoramic view over Paris. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a glass of champagne, thereby concluding your visit with a festive moment.

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Simple pleasures in life such as lying on the grass with your family or loved one is a blessing, and to be able to enjoy the immaculate view of the beauty that surrounds you is an additional bonus. If you were to visit France one day, Paris is a definite must-see attraction for visitors to visit and explore, and to soak in the sights and sounds of the city.

Where are your favourite places to visit while in Paris? Do let me know in the comments below!

– Keith