Sydney’s Sea Life

Once again I’ll be sharing with you Sydney’s animals! But this time round it will be about Sydney’s underwater animals. As we went to both Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, which is located in the heart of Sydney at Darling Harbour, and Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, which is located along Manly Wharf, we bought the Sydney attractions combo 5 pass which allows you to visit 5 attractions in Sydney, enabling you to save up to $382! It’s a great deal, isn’t it? Well, let’s get into sharing my experience!


Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

As a tourist you are probably prepared to take pictures everywhere you go. However, you would be disappointed as there aren’t many pictures to take because it is very dark inside. Throughout this underwater visit you will see Australia’s unique freshwater and marine aquatic environments. At some parts of your journey you will encounter the beautiful dugongs. These are 2 of only 6 dugongs on display anywhere in the world. By the end of your journey you will have visited the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, which is one of the most impressive around the world.

sea 1sea

Aren’t they adorable?



Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

Manly is not so much of an underwater world. In my opinion, it is more like a fish museum. Did you know? Manly is also fortunate enough to have a habitat for Little Penguins! The Little Penguin community has also been listed as one of the endangered population. Have you ever seen how an octopus consume its food? Here, you can watch animals getting fed by the keepers. You may even get a glimpse of how a shark egg looks like as well which is definitely a first experience for me. If you are daring enough try their Shark Dive Xtreme, it is a great opportunity for you to go face to face with the Grey Nurse Sharks, huge turtles, stingrays and other different creatures! However, there are also rules and if you are ineligible to dive they will not permit your entry.

Here is a video of Shark Dive Xtreme! I myself have yet to try it. If you have ever tried it, kudos to you!

sea 2sea 3


– Gavin





Sydney’s Wild Life Safaris

Hi friends! 🙂


Here on my first post I would like to share with you my experience while I was in Sydney, Australia, and why it is definitely worth a visit!

Today I will be talking about Kangarooland aka Australia! Australia is a very big country, and there are many big cities as well. I will be starting off with the most prominent city in Australia, Sydney. Sydney is well-known for its Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, today’s post will be focusing on Sydney’s wildlife. Two zoos that I will be mentioning about are Taronga Zoo and Wild Life Sydney Zoo.


Taronga Zoo – It is widely renowned for being one of the few zoos that features native animals and a diverse collection of over 350 exotic species of animals, where some of these animals can only be seen in certain parts of Australia. As the opening hours are from 9am – 5pm, it is best to arrive as early as possible as you would most probably spend the whole day there.

There are several activities you can do at the zoo, such as getting close to the animals, feeding them and even balancing an owl on your wrist. Moreover, they do have many interesting shows and events on their daily schedule which you can view from their website Keeper talks are often the best opportunity and a great way to learn and see your favourite animals!

Important: If you are a first time visitor, you might not want to miss out on their Seal Show as it is only available during the weekends and school holiday periods. This is where you can see graceful seals show off their natural abilities! It has been an incredible experience for me, and it would be amazing if you could experience this as well.


Wild Life Sydney Zoo – This zoo is unique as it is almost entirely enclosed and air-conditioned. Don’t worry, you might not spend a whole day at this zoo as it is much smaller than Taronga Zoo. It has about 7 exhibitions in total where you could visit them individually while following the trails, including creepy crawlies and cuddly animals. One benefit of this zoo is that it is easier to view the animals as compared to many other zoos around the world. You can join their feeds and talks by checking out their schedule on the specific talk you would like to hear about from their website Last but not least, do not forget to meet their saltwater crocodile, Rex! It is one of the largest crocodiles in the world. You would be amazed at just how big it is.


Here is a short video of Rex having his lunch!

If you would love to see how cute the Koalas are, you can visit either one of these zoos. The other iconic Aussie animals would surely amaze you! I hoped you have enjoyed this post and do look forward to the next one! 🙂


– Gavin