River Of Love

The Love River (爱河) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, runs from the South of the city to the North. It is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunsets. The river became a romantic place for couples to meet and therefore the river was known as the Love River.


We actually went there after dinner and was told that it was closed for the day. However, we went there again the next day as our hotel was just nearby and managed to get on to the boat ride.


Apart from the beautiful scenery provided, there are also bike paths and walkways for a walk under the stars. Musicians are sometimes seen to be playing to the crowds. There are countless attractions along the Love River that visitors and locals return to it every time.

love love1

To enjoy a full experience of Kaohsiung, the boat tour has become a popular choice among many visitors. Plan for an entire afternoon to take a ferry ride and enjoy your journey through Kaohsiung!

– Kerri







East Coast

Singapore is a food paradise. A diverse culture and rich history make Singapore proud to have enough foods. Singapore’s East Coast is a place frequented by Singaporeans leisure, where attractive addition to stunning ocean views, there are very appetizing seafood center, is a paradise for seafood lovers. Sitting on the beach at night, blowing sea breeze, taste tempting chili crab, it is a rare treat.

coast1        coast

In addition to chili crab, the East Coast as well as many other dishes. Transferred to the East Coast Road from Tanjung plus East (Tanjong Katong Road), it is generally known as the “Eastern Canada” (Katong).

Katong have some very popular old-fashioned coffee shops. Many local snacks such as tofu packages, dumplings and the famous Katong laksa will let your foot off the mouth addiction. Sitting in a quaint coffee shop, authentic sipped coffee and looking at Joo Chiat Katong picturesque scenery will be a very pleasant thing.


– Liu Mu







The Land Of Africa

South Africa is famous for their Safari’s life. I have not been there before, but I have plans to go there in the next few years time. When speaking of South Africa, what comes into your mind? Do you think that it is a very dangerous place and with no civilization? It is not necessarily what you think it is.  Have you heard of your friend’s experience who have been there before? I have friends who have been there and returned safe and sound. They also told me about their wonderful experiences! South Africa is also the most developed country in Africa.


Kruger National Park is South Africa highest rated park. This is the park then I am looking forward to. As there are many tours to choose from 2 days to 5 days and if you are can choose a budget tour which is much cheaper. Some tours also let you experience staying in a tent. There will be guides leading you game drivers and the bush walks as well. In those tour you would have the chance to spot the Big Five. Big Five refers to five of Africa’s greatest wild animals the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino.

After this review have I change your mind of what you think of South Africa?








Western China

Xizang is located western China. It is the highest above sea level in the world. So there are some very special and amazing sights such as the following.

First is the Potala Palace. It is the castle which is located the red mountain top, also known as the Tibetan shrine. Every year so many believers will go to pilgrimage to pray for health and happiness. And it has been the world cultural heritage. You can go to there to visit the wonderful building.


The second is Mount Kailash which is China Gandise mountain peak, China’s most beautiful, striking one of the ten famous mountains. Peak height of 6721 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak Gandise mountains. Champlain is located in the northern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region in the southwest county. Tibetan word for the gods of the mountain. Land to the south side of the fault Sutlej valley and lake Manasarovar and Laon wrong. Altitude of 6000 meters above the snow-covered, the distribution of 28 modern glaciers, glacial cirques and hanging glacier to the main.


Another reason why I want to introduce Xizang to you is that there are some special customs and habits. Tibetan people are singing and dancing and enthusiasm. They are living a nomadic life every day. They love singing and dancing when herding sheep and drinking goat’s milk wine which was made by themselves.

5 6







Jeju Island

Jeju Island, an island located off the shore of South Korea, and is recently named as one of the world natural wonder. Jeju island is a volcanic island with most of the architectural made up of stones. Although I didnt have the chance to visit Jeju Island, this island is the next one I really wanted to visit! Many idol singers, advertisements, commercial promoting this place. From pictures I see online, it looks like a place where I can relief my stress, and have a stroll on the peaceful scenery. I would say it is a MUST VISIT!


– Keith






National Nature Reserve

Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou County, is the first Chinese to protect the natural landscape as the main purpose of the reserve, and also the famous Chinese scenic spots and national demonstration civilized tourist area. Chengdu, more than 400km away, is a depth of more than 50 km of the ravine valley, with a total area 650.74hm², mostly covered by forests. There trench tree, the leaves, then check depression nine Tibetan villages situated in the mountain lakes in this piece is named.

Wucaichi is a colorful lake. It is have many different color in different time. It is really wonderful and amazing. You will find the nature is so great.

1 2

There are also some wonderful sights. I think you really should go there to know the great of nature. Now I want to show some picture to show some beautiful sights to you.


Nuorilang waterfall


Pearl beach


– Frank





Hong Kong’s Ladies Market

Have you ever seen 1km stretch of stalls? Hong Kong’s Ladies Market in Mong Kok,  Kowloon, Hong Kong, on Tung Choi Street has over 100 stalls of clothing, accessories and souvenirs. If you enjoy bargaining this is just the place for you! When you are here feel free to buy anything you need and bargain for a reasonable price if you think the stall owner isn’t giving you a reasonable price or the price that you are willing to pay for. Don’t be disappointed if you get rejected, you can try your luck at the next stall. Just remember not to buy it at the price they first offered you!

1 2

Remember to train up your bargain skill before going to the Ladies Market! It will save you lots of money!

–  Gavin