Western China

Xizang is located western China. It is the highest above sea level in the world. So there are some very special and amazing sights such as the following.

First is the Potala Palace. It is the castle which is located the red mountain top, also known as the Tibetan shrine. Every year so many believers will go to pilgrimage to pray for health and happiness. And it has been the world cultural heritage. You can go to there to visit the wonderful building.


The second is Mount Kailash which is China Gandise mountain peak, China’s most beautiful, striking one of the ten famous mountains. Peak height of 6721 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak Gandise mountains. Champlain is located in the northern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region in the southwest county. Tibetan word for the gods of the mountain. Land to the south side of the fault Sutlej valley and lake Manasarovar and Laon wrong. Altitude of 6000 meters above the snow-covered, the distribution of 28 modern glaciers, glacial cirques and hanging glacier to the main.


Another reason why I want to introduce Xizang to you is that there are some special customs and habits. Tibetan people are singing and dancing and enthusiasm. They are living a nomadic life every day. They love singing and dancing when herding sheep and drinking goat’s milk wine which was made by themselves.

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