The Beauty Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hong Kong has 293 buildings taller than 500 feet which is sixty more as compared to New York City which came in second. What’s so good about Hong Kong? The food and scenery and what’s more is that it is the best city to live in! If you love scenic environments, you have to visit the Tian Tan Buddha. You will have to get there via Ngong Ping cable car. While on the way up there, you will see an amazing view of several mountains.


(A photo of me with the Buddha)


The Peak is Hong Kong’s highest point on the island. The view it offers makes The Peak one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. Looking down at the city from this famous vantage point provides the best view of the city. Do take note: Do not choose a day with hazy or unpredictable weather as you would not be able to see a single thing!

hk3 hk4


Tsim Sha Tsui is another one of the popular attractions in Hong Kong because of its Avenue of Stars as well as the vantage point to catch the Symphony of Lights show. Avenue of Stars have its popular commemorative plaques, celebrity handprints, descriptive milestones and a life-size statue of kung fu action hero Bruce Lee.


A Symphony of Lights is staged every night at 8pm. If you would like to know more details of the show, do visit this website Here is a video clip of the Symphony of Lights.


– Gavin




5 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Hong Kong

  1. Is a good blog written very well and the scenery is so nice can’t wait now i gonna book the ticket to hong kong now.


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