Locks of Love

When we hear about Seoul, our first thought will be about K-pop. Yes, that’s right, K-pop! For example, the song “Gangnam Style” that is sung by Psy has gone into trend since 2012.



Apart from trying to get a glimpse of our favourite k-pop idols, there are various things to do while in Seoul such as sight-seeing from the top of a tower! As such, let me introduce to you a place in Seoul which I would definitely visit again the next time I visit South Korea.


This spectacular place I’m about to mention is ….(drumroll) ….the N Seoul Tower! Why did I choose this place? Well, the N Seoul Tower marks the highest point in Seoul and upon elevating in it, it allows you to view the entire city scape which is simply stunning!



Out of all the things and food that Seoul had to offer, this was my favourite. Located at the base of the tower were tree-shaped structures loaded with different types of locks. I remembered that on the 1st day I visited this place, it puzzled me. I came up with the name “The Padlock Tree”. The padlocks are for couples to write their name or initials on it and the key of the padlock will be thrown away to symbolise their everlasting love. The actual name for it is Love Lock.




There were various kinds of locks such as bicycle padlocks, gate locks etc etc. It was heavily layered on the tree-shaped structures that it made me wonder if the tree could collapse under their weight.



Tourists and visitors have to actually ride a Namsan cable car to the mountain and walk to the tower. As N Seoul Tower is located on top of Mount Namsan, it offers great panoramic views of the entire city.

Bakeries and cafes are also available to visitors for snacks, drinks or even a light meal. Moreover, it offers an amazing scenic view through the built-in window.

What’s interesting about this tower is that in the Digital Observatory, which offers a 360 view of Seoul, each window panel is labelled with several cities and street names where one can look for a city facing the window through the telescopes. Even though it is not exactly possible to view the cities, for example, Tokyo, many people can be seen trying to look through the telescope.


What are your opinion and thoughts on Seoul when you first heard it, and why you would like to visit it? I would love to hear about it!

– Keith









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