Beijing is unarguably one of the most visited places in the world. Every year millions of people come to Beijing to see the capital of China.  There are in fact a great number of tourist attractions and historic sites in Beijing, thus it takes a while to soak in the sights and sounds of the city. If you only have a short stay in Beijing, you should visit some of the top ten places in Beijing City. This way, you can say that you have been to Beijing city.


  1. Forbidden City ( the Imperial Palace )

The Forbidden City is the ideal place for you to begin your exploration of Beijing by discovering its roots. Built between 1406 and 1420 with over 9,000 rooms, it burned down and was rebuilt, and most of the architecture you see dates back to the 18th century in the Qing and Ming Dynasty. It is really very spectacular.



2. Tiananmen Square

Lying in the heart of Beijing City, it is a place for massive parades and gathering. In 1949, from a rostrum on Tiananmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace), Chairman Mao announced the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Tiananmen Square is circled by Tianan men (Gate of Heaven Peace) on its north, Monument to the People’s Heroes and Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum on the south, the National Museum of China on its East and the Great Hall of the People on its west.



3. The Great Wall of China

As we all know, The Great Wall is well-known among many around the world. It has been one of the top ten wonders of the world. Every year it attracts so many visitors and even locals.

beijing3 beijing4


4. Temple of Heaven ( Tiantan )

Temple of Heaven is one of the real highlights of Beijing, being one of the most sacred sites for the past five centuries. Situated in the southern Beijing City, it worked as a sacrificial compound buildings for the Ming and Qing emperors. It boasts of the largest sacrificial place in Beijing among a few imperial altars to Heaven, Earth, the Sun and the Moon.



There are also some modern buildings in Beijing such as The Bird’s Nest, which is the National Stadium, and the Water Cube located beside it, which is the National Aquatics Center aka Water Park where they held the 2008 Olympics.



The Water Park!

beijing8 beijing9

Inside the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Wow that’s big!




Beijing is a sleepless city, so you can easily find something for you at whenever and wherever you like. Enjoy!

– Frank







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