My Hometown – Wuhan

Having been born and raised in Wuhan, Hubei Province in central China, it is certainly my pleasure to introduce and share the best places to visit during your visit to Wuhan!

Wuhan is an amazing city that has an ancient history and a thriving present, consisting of countless attractions. It is mostly recognized for its political, educational, economic and cultural activities as well as its sophisticated nightlife for all visitors, sightseers and businessmen. So far, I have visited the following four notable sceneries, such as the Yellow Crane Tower, the East Lake, HuBei Provincial Museum and the Yangtze River Bridge.


The Yellow Crane Tower is a prominent tower in China. Its legendary stories has attracted many visitors and tourists from all over the world throughout the years. The classic poems and inscriptions on the tower (although unrecognizable to most Westerners) may ignite and inspire oneself as you imagine yourself as a poet with a bird’s-eye view of the river from the tower window. Many famous poets have even written poems after visiting the tower!

frank pic


Not only is The East Lake a beautiful park, it emits a calming effect and makes you feel one with nature. In addition, the famous Villa of Chairman Mao Zedong on the scenic bank of East Lake, Wuchang, is an ideal place for Westerners to learn more about him.

frank pic 2frank pic 3


The third is the HuBei Provincial Museum, and the incentive is that admission is free for all visitors! Yup, you heard me! If you are curious to know more about the history of Wuhan, you came to the right place. Antiques and chimes that have been removed from tombs are showcased in museums so as to reveal the incredible achievements of ancient people in music, acoustics and metallurgy.

frank pic 4frank pic 5


Last but not least is the Yangtze River Bridge. It took 8 years of construction and it is also the first Chinese-designed Bridge to span the country’s longest river. It is a monumental masterpiece of the wisdom of Chinese people and I am pround of it.frank pic 6 frank pic 7

Most students and visitors prefer to spend their stay in Wuhan during the winter season, mostly so that they are able to experience the snow and its scenic winter environment.

Having lived here while growing up, I am definitely not a big fan of snow even though I love the winter season. If one were to visit these few attractions I mentioned above, be prepared to being lots of heat packs and thick jackets to keep yourself warm! On the side note, the view is amazing and visiting it during winter is undoubtedly a totally different experience.


Wuhan is a place where both history and natural wonders are present. The Hubei Provincial Museum and Yellow Crane Tower are one of the best places to appreciate ancient Chinese history and culture. Like they say, home is always where the heart is 😉 ❤

– Frank






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